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Who we are?

Myanmar Positive Group-MPG is a National Network of People Living with HIV (PLHIV), non-profit organization and contributing in Health Sector especially in fight for HIV epidemic and Development by the involvement of infected Civil Society Community itself. GIPA Initiative Group (GIPAIG) had been established since March, 2005 started with 9 PLHIV initiators from INGO and NGO by the support of International HIV/AIDS Alliance and UNDP. It was changed as Myanmar Positive Group (MPG) (National PLHIV Network) in 2006 to make sure and reduce confusion from the GIPA concept. The main objectives of MPG are building up skills and capacity for PLHIV based on GIPA concept, networking between PLHIV individuals and Self Help Groups, reducing stigma and discrimination among PLHIV and community, representation for PLHIV in Myanmar, advocated for PLHIV rights of access to treatment and quality services and developing more PLHIV Self Help groups. While MPG was established, only 47 Self Help Groups were networked and got more networking with 209 Self Help Groups in 2011 and 214 in 2012. Now, 177 Self Help Groups in 2015 across the country are networking with MPG.

MPG becomes a strong network not only from the whole country but also to the Asia Pacific, APN+ (Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS), and Global network, GNP+ (Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS) to collect one voice of needed of PLHIV in Myanmar.

The Board and Executive Committee of MPG was set up with 15 representatives from Regional's , 3 representatives from MARPS networks and Youth or Child Infected and Affected with HIV/AIDS who are elected from Self Help Groups in each region. We had developed Articles of Association of MPG in March, 2011 and approved for the second edition at 19th June 2013 with the amendments. One representative from MPG is representing as People Living with Disease constituency in Myanmar Health Sector Coordination Committee (M-HSCC) chaired by Union Minister of Ministry of Health. And then two representatives of MPG are representing in Technical Strategic Group (TSG) for HIV/AIDS Component as members.

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