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Vision, Mission and Strategies


  • Equality and Equity of right
  • Dignity life
  • Transparency
  • Representation
  • Accountability
  • Cooperation with due respect
  • Capacity development


In building an equitable, humanitarian-minded and self-reliant society in future for the PLHIV community and the people in Myanmar, MPG will be representing the voices of the people, actively participating and leading by example in all activities beneficial for the health of the people.


Leading by example, representing the voices (needs) of the people and through meaningful involvement, MPG will network and collaborate with all relevant agencies, organizations and stakeholders in all activities beneficial for the health of the people.


  1. Mobilizing support and participation of the public by exemplifying positive living and respectable behavior in own community
  2. Embodying transparent and accountable leadership in the public health activities and encouraging emergence of new leaders in the community
  3. Disseminating health- related information (e.g., health education, health policy, programs, projects etc.) widely among PLHIV and the public, and representing their voices and suggestions for their health needs on their behalf
  4. Networking and collaboration with all relevant agencies and organizations (Government, Local and International organizations and networks, Private sector) involved in the (public) health sector
  5. Strengthening the knowledge and competency of the member Self-Help Groups and individuals in the areas of leadership, organizational development, and new and emerging health issues

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